Pink Welly Walks - Complete Pet & Home Care by Angela
I offer a wide range of services, and each one will be tailor-made to suit you and your pet
DOG BOARDING: Sorry this service is no longer available. Please contact your local council for a list of licensed boarders in your area.
DOG SITTING:Care in your own home. Please contact me to discuss your requirements
HOME VISIT (Cats): Cats like to do their own thing and are most comfortable in their own familiar environment.  I can call in for feeding, refreshing of water, litter tray cleaning & lots of TLC.
HOME VISIT (Caged Pets): I am happy to care for any small pets you have at home, and will follow your normal daily routine for feeding, playing and cleaning.
HOME VISIT (Older Dogs): For older, less energetic dogs, or those with illnesses or who are recuperating. I can come to your home and let them have a garden break or a short walk, and lots of TLC.

HOME VISIT (Puppies): I can visit your puppy once or twice a day, clean up any mess, play/feed/walk as required, and leave them content with a bowl of fresh water, ready for your return.

HOLIDAY PACKAGE: As well as caring for your pets, I can make it look less obvious you're away. Opening/closing curtains, picking up your post, watering plants, putting bins out on collection day etc.  I can even arrange an essentials shop for your return (charged at cost).
DOG WALKING: Specialising in solo walks (or 1 family at a time), I will call & collect your dog and take him for an enjoyable walk/run/play. Dogs will be towel dried, paws wiped, and left with a bowl of fresh water and a treat - if allowed! Your dog will NOT be walked off-lead without your written consent.
EMERGENCY PET CARE: Peace of mind for you when the unexpected happens. I can call and walk/feed your pet if for whatever reason you are unable to be there. 

I am discreet and do NOT use any vehicle advertising
As I offer a flexible, individual approach to your pets care, I am able to meet your requirements as and when yours or your pets needs change 
Max "rounding up" sheep at Oakwell Hall